Saturday, March 10, 2012

Number 51 - YAPP

A few weeks ago, we had a potluck of sorts at work, and I brought in a couple of pies.  One was an old classic, the chocolate cream that chocolate lovers drool over.  The other, describes the acronym in this post's title.  

Yet Another "Pumpkin" Pie.  

It seems that I cannot stop making pumpkin pie variants.  This one combined some of my favorite aspects of other pies that hopefully made sense.  The end result, in my opinion, was the best yet.  Who knows, #52 might be another, but for the time being this is going to be my go-to Thanksgiving Pie.

This will look familiar

Essentially, it's the filling from the previous leader in the clubhouse.  But, the crust turned out to be a really good twist, or at least I thought so.  As per usual, I borrowed/shamelessly stole the recipe for the crust from this pie.

I really thought it turned out great and plan to stick with this one going forward.

One more picture

One last pie to go and I will officially have met my quota.  Who knows what that will mean.  I do have this side project that I supposedly started, but hasn't gotten much traction yet.  Perhaps that will take over.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Here we are, only two pies to go (and only an extra year or so in the making).  The plan is to finish up soon, very soon.

However, as a diversionary tactic, it appears that I am about to embark on an entirely new culinary adventure.  This (moderately?) obsessive personality of mine has glommed onto something new.

I am planning to blog about it (in some form or fashion).

See you there!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dulce de Pumpkin

A little over a year ago, I stated on this blog that I could not think of a reason why I would make a pumpkin pie again.

Well, in perusing my RSS feeds recently (hey, I have to follow some foodie blogs so that I can have a semi-intelligent conversation with my food-obsessed wife), I stumbled upon this recipe for Dulce de Pumpkin and thought, "there is my reason to try another."

And, so, I did.

The only real twist of consequence in this recipe is the substitution of Dulce de Leche for the sugar and milk, which as the author states, results in a slightly firmer texture.  That was definitely my experience as well.  And, I did appreciate the firmer texture.

But (there is always a but, isn't there?), I have to disagree with the original baker that this is in some way a better version because "most pie recipes downplay the flavor of pumpkin."  All of the eaters in our household agreed that while this was a good pie, it had even less pumpkin flavor than a Libby's special.

Who is complaining?  At the end of the day, it's a slice of pie for heaven's sake.  What is there to complain about?  It looked good, it tasted good.  I am happy.

But (here I go again), I did make my preferred Butternut Squash the very next day...  

Stop me if you have heard this before:

I can not think of a reason that I would make a pumpkin pie again.

On a final note:  While I am absolutely certain that Becca is a far more accomplished and talented baker than I will ever be, I simply must call ridiculous on the following statement.

I’ve found that for a quick and easy pie like this, the 
store-bought crust works out just fine.

Seriously?  Such words will never escape my lips, nor should they anyone else's.

I may finish this yet.

Enjoy the Holidays!